[MAKE $500 A WEEK] Earn Money Online Fresh Method

Earn Money Online

This guide is so easy you’re gonna be shaking in your space boots because its so easy to use. Earn Money Online from home.

Earn Money Online

  • amazon.com
  • seller account
  • valid bank account
  • valid credit card
Step 1:

Acquire cheap amazon gift cards for Paypal or BTC (BTC Has better exchange rates).
You can also check reddit too. You want to buy one that is 80% discount around there or 70%.

Step 2:

Create a seller account on amazon.com, you will require a valid bank and credit card to do this.

Step 3:

Once your account is created, list your item on Amazon (nonexistent item). You will need to list your item to match the exact value of the gift card you have also make the listing so that it doesn’t show up to the public.

Step 4:

Once your item is listed, you will need to use the Amazon account of a friend, or a second Amazon account of your own, to buy your own product using the gift card you bought earlier. For this step it is crucial that you do not link your seller account to your other account, this is why its easier to use a friend.

Step 5:

When you get the payment by gift card from yourself or your friend, fulfill the purchase as you usually would and attach any random shipping number you can find.
On a $140 investment in gift cards you will now have made $60. If you invest in as much as $600 worth of gift cards you will now have $400.