[Get] My $600 CPA money Making method as well as to get Accepted

Hey Every1,

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Lets talk about CPA [Image: biggrin.png]

A few members have already asked me how to get money from CPA.

I dont officially love CPA, its like hit and run, chances of success are very limited if you are not very careful.

Anyhow, if you are a newbie and wanna get accepted on CPA, the best way is to buy a domain name from Go daddy auctions related to a popular niche like

weight loss, relationship, dating, muscle building.

Once you do that, create a simple wordpress site with a good banner, use a free theme, add about us, contact us, privacy policy pages, add 2-3 plugins, optimize sidebar and u are good to go.

The old domain will help you get accepted into CPA .

Typical questions are:

How long have you been promoting CPA offers?
? How do you plan on promoting the offers?
? Do you belong to any other networks? If so, which ones?
? How much traffic do you anticipate generating?
? How much do you spend daily/weekly/monthly?
? How did you hear about our network?
? What kind of offers do you like?
? What niche of offers are you interested in?

The best is to call the affiliate manager 1-2 days after U apply for cpa.

They will approve ur account right away on the call itself.

So this is what I did:

Add this template to facebook as an application:

Promote CPA offers related to arcade games.