BidVertiser Trick Make $500+ a month

This is a really simple process.

First go to and sign up for a blog, on the blog page make a bunch text that looks like links but doesn?t actually lead anywhere ? then add a lot of filler text like an article from wikipedia or something like that.

Next sign up with…_login.dbm

Now, go back to you?re weebly site and add you?re bidvertiser ads ? I like to use 3 of them although you may need less in order to get accepted by autosurftraffic and Ougos ? if this is the case then simply remove the ads when you apply and put them back in later.

Now download the Ougos browser. It is a special type of browser that you let autosurf and it clicks sites links ? for every 4 clicks you?re browser makes on other sites (it runs 2 threads at a time) you earn 1 click on your site. Since you?re site only has ads and one other link, you will receive most of those clicks to ads. Earning a great deal of money.

When using Ougos select ?disable pictures? ?disable activex? and ?disable downloads? or you?re computer will receive spam

Also make sure to sign up and actively place you?re site on autosurftraffic this ensures you?re banners are getting lots of extra impressions other than just the Ougos ones. This keeps your CTR rate down so that it is less suspicious and so you receive you?re payouts.